[ Who We Are. ]

[Courtney Rennier + Breanne Hardwick] while living in the middle of Manhattan, with dreams bigger than their wallets, had the desire and drive to start something amazing. “We wanted a TV show, our own brand. Most importantly, we wanted a something that showed off every bodies' individual beauty, to showcase positivity in the skin you’re in. At its core we want to inspire with every item and image and be a place you can always find acceptance. We want to show that everyone, anywhere can wear things that make them feel good!” No more pieces that make you question why you bought it. No more tags left on shirts hiding in your closet. This is fashion for all. Creating clothes for the one size mentality is over. We are change makers, advocates of awesome, body lovers, and risk takers.
That’s when Courtney Rennier realizes that she wasn’t alone in wanting an inclusive experience for all.

“After battling an eating disorder for over a decade, and suffering from PTSD I knew my journey could be help for others. In 2019, after going through probably the most heartbreaking split you could write a book on, I was ready to give up and settle. In that moment of total grief; I realized you do have to lose the love of someone else to learn how to love yourself again. The sparks started flying, this time for myself, and NEVER SAY DIE Co. was born. With a team of badass women, and Breanne by my side as partners, we built an army. That army is ready to bring change to the fashion industry with a dream and drive to do big things.”

We want this brand to bring you hope. 
To show you the best of yourself, daily. 

To allow you to find forgiveness with yourself: and NEVER SAY DIE to who you truly are.