We want to continue to be a force for change in the new year. We want to offer a way for you to express your most authentic self.  Each vault released throughout 2021 is a representation of different moods, but will come together to create a buildable wardrobe with each new collection.

The vaults allow you to express your wardrobe in the most versatile ways; curated with creative expression in mind. Vaults will be opened each month with limited capsule items and permanent collection pieces available to shop, including accessories and other items from small, sustainable shops that want to work within our mission of accessible fashion for all. The vault will close at the end of the month with the ability to purchase the remaining collections through the shop.

We want to move into a more inclusive and sustainable space because we believe people are more than buzz words to sell clothes. We want to put our product where our mouth is and include slow fashion options with our Eclectic Collection of personally curated sustainable vintage, hand dyed Tees and patchwork scrunchies created from other slow fashion items. We also believe in showing representation in our models and ambassadors; while we have had a diverse roster of models so far we want to continue to open our collections to other groups of people who deserve to be seen. We will be moving away from gendered language and creating a space that anyone can find something that makes them feel most like themselves.

We are excited to bring you Back to Basics, Spiral Out, and Eclectic: and open up shop January 18, 2021.